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A reflexology treatment

A full case history is taken prior to the treatment. Objectives and expectations of the treatment are discussed in order to tailor the treatment appropriately.

The treatment involves the client sitting in a reclining chair fully clothed with their feet slightly elevated. Only the feet are exposed during the treatment. The feet are warmed up using massage techniques and then sequences of reflexes are stimulated on different parts of the feet. The treatment is neither painful nor ticklish although sometimes certain areas may feel a little  tender.This often relates to an imbalance within the corresponding area of the body.

Who can benefit

Reflexology is suitable for all ages of people including children and babies with a wide range of conditions. It may also be beneficial in supporting the healing process after some types of  surgery. Please highlight any conditions you suffer from or medication that you take when calling to book an appointment.

A home visiting service is also available to women, particularly after surgery, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

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