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Pregnancy Reflexology

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Reflexology may help:

·   Back pain

·   Stress & anxiety

·   Tension

·   Stress related digestive disorders

·   Breathing disorders

·   Sleep disorders

·   Detox

·   Sciatica

    ·   Pregnancy
    ·   Constipation

·   Water retention

·   Sinusitis

·   Joint pain

·   Restless legs

·   PMS

·   Hormonal imbalance

·   Low immunity 

·   Blood pressure

 Reflexology - Haywards Heath 

Reflexology aims to help restore health and maintain the body's natural equilibrium by
gently manipulating reflex points on the feet that connect with the rest of the body.

Relaxation - Reflexology helps to induce a state of deep relaxation to release tension from the
mind and body.

The stress factor - Stress is believed to trigger 85% of physical illness. Reflexology may
help support you on an emotional and physical level to manage the stress that day to day
life can bring.

Pregnancy - Are you pregnant and would like  reflexology? Click here. I have been treating pregnant women for six years now and had reflexology during my own recent pregnancy. I cannot recommend it highly enough!


For  reflexology testimonials click here.


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary, energy based therapy that works primarily on the feet to help heal the whole person. Reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt, China and India. In the West, Dr William Fitzgerald first introduced it in 1913 as zone therapy. His theory was based on there being 10 vertical energy zones flowing through the body. He found a correlation between reflex areas of the feet and hands with other areas and organs of the body that were in the same zone.  In 1930 Eunice Ingham developed the zone technique further into reflexology. She produced foot maps that related to specific organs and systems of the body. Therefore stimulating a reflex on the foot may affect the corresponding body area. Reflexology still adopts this approach today. Its mode of action is also similar to acupressure utilising meridians.


Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology works by helping  re-balancing the bodily systems enabling them to work in harmony on both an emotional and physical level. There are over 7,000 nerve endings on the feet that connect with the rest of the body, in addition to the many reflex points. By manipulating reflex points the following may occur:

Stimulation of circulatory and immune systems


·          Stimulation of the nervous & endocrine systems

·          Deep relaxation & pain relief

·          Increase in energy levels  

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